Download Youtube Videos & Organize Them

TubeOrganizer is a full featured & dead easy downloader for YouTube and other videos. TubeOrganizer is designed to the fastest downloader of videos and enables you to batch download and organize your YouTube and other downloaded videos as you need. If you are a YouTube fan, you will love TubeOrganizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubeOrganizer?

TubeOrganizer is the fastest and easiest way for you to Track and Manage your YouTube video downloads. Enter keywords or URL to find and start downloading your videos. With TubeOrganizer, you simply choose a destination folder on your computer where your videos are to be downloaded and sit back & relax as TubeOrganizer downlaods all your added videos - automatically..

Why should I use TubeOrganizer?

Today, if you try to download a big batch of YouTube videos, you are restricted by the 5 or 10 videos per batch limit on the web. As you try to break up batches and loose track of the exact items in each. TubeOrganizer is far simpler, faster and smarter - it can downloads 100s of videos without any input from you. And its free!

Do i need to connect YouTube account?

No, TubeOrganizer will not ask you to connect your YouTube account.

How do I choose videos to download ?

To download videos, you can directly paste youtube video URL into searchbox or you can search by keyword.The default folder to store videos is provided but you can change it as per your choice. After clicking search button a new window will be opened provided with options Add to list or you can play a selected can add as many videos as you want.After clicking add to list the video will be added to download list then you can start downloading afterwards.

Can i specify resolution prior to download videos?

Yes, you can select any provided resolution from the dropdown control against each added videos.

How downloaded videos will save in local machine?

Once you select destination folder then all videos will save under this selected path. Let say you have selected “D:\videos” and you have added a video to download named “Baby Laugh” of resolution 720p. Then TubeOrganizer will create directory structure like “D:\videos\TubeOrganizer\720p\Baby Laugh.mp4”.